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Mel Conner – Dallas Child and Family Photographer



Hello!  Welcome to Mel Conner Photography.  I’m thrilled you are here!   I am a wife, mother, believer, beach lover, sonic vanilla diet coke drinker, teacher, and … I am a photographer.  But what does that mean?  It means I’m a capturer of moments.  You know the feeling you get when you are watching your children learn something new and wonderful?  The idea that you want to freeze a particular moment in time, knowing you can’t, but just willing yourself to remember it, just as it was, always.  That is what photography is for me.  The awe, the amazement that you feel at watching your child demolish her first birthday cake, get dressed up in full princess regalia while belting “Let it Go”, or your little superhero running around in underwear and cape.  You can’t relive those moments.  And even though sometimes we get exhausted, and we want to forget how many times they woke us up last night, the dog food they poured into your washer, or the art they drew on the living room wall, we want to remember them as they grow.  I want to capture moments for you or help you capture your own! I want to help you make and keep memories for years to come.  And, of course, we want to have fun doing it!

Mel Conner is a natural light photographer based in Dallas, Texas specializing in babies (3 months and up), children, and families.  Mel Conner also teaches DSLR Camera Classes.

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