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Many people get professional pictures once a year, but what about the other 364 days! Don’t miss those everyday moments! This workshop is designed for anyone with a DSLR that currently shoots on auto settings or wants a better understanding of their camera. Do pictures of your kids turn out fuzzy? Do you want fabulous vacation pictures? Want to know how to get that blurry background? Want ideas on how to store and edit your photos? – This class is for you!

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DSLR CLASS -Beginner

What we cover:

How to shoot on Manual Mode (get out of that green box!) – Camera equipment basics – Lenses – Exposure Triangle (ISO, aperture, shutter speed) – Depth of Field and how to get Bokeh (blurry background) –  Focusing methods – Natural light at its best and worst – Editing Basics – Photo Organization – Backing up – And most importantly we will practice outdoors to get a working knowledge of our skills

Includes access to a private Facebook group where you can post and ask questions after class.  I also post helpful articles and examples.

Cost: $85 per person – 10 per class – payment due upon Registration

Location: Northeast Dallas (Lake Highlands)

Next Classes:

Sept. 30th, 2017 2-4:30pm

 TO REGISTER: Click on the date above to reserve a spot!


Come shoot with me at the Dallas Arboretum and we will demonstrate shooting with models in different kinds of lighting situations, posing (or NOT posing), subject positiong to camera, capturing movement, tips on getting natural expressions, and so much more! There will be time for questions and time for me to watch and critique your work on camera.

Following our shoot I will record a basic edit of 3 images from the shoot for you to watch and learn at your own pace.  All the tools I will use will be availabe in iphoto (Photos) or similar PC program. Videos will be available for 3 weeks.  You do not need Lightroom/PS.

Class Cost: $110  – 10 people per class – payment due upon registration

Location – Dallas Arboretum (admission is covered in class cost) You are responsible for your own parking.

Next Classes:


TO REGISTER: Click on the date above to reserve a spot!

One-on-One mentoring for shooting, editing, or photo organization also available.

Have a group of friends who want to take a class together?  Put together your own class of 3 or more! 

What people are saying:

“I wanted to write you to tell you thanks for the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of my camera in such an intimate setting. I was able to develop and broader understanding of my camera and am now able to successfully shoot in manual; generating professional worthy pictures of our family. Ok that may be a stretch, but totally professional in my opinion. I have come such a long way with my photography skills and I can attribute that success to your teaching. I am forever grateful for your time, camera wisdom, and insight shared during the class. Thank you!” – Brittany Cole

“Thanks so much for your class yesterday.  I had seen ISO, shutter speed, and aperture as three variables I couldn’t manage together fast enough to take pics of my kids.  But they really came together for me yesterday in the way you explained it.  I actually had never noticed the meter inside the view.  I had been trying to use the one on top of the camera, and I didn’t really understand how to change the variables (or which one to chose to change) to get the right exposure.  Last night I went ahead and practiced some more, and I’m already getting better at it.   And in addition to the great teaching you provided, you are such as sweet person and it was a blessing to get to know you.  The pictures you shared with us are absolutely beautiful.  You have an amazing gift.  Thanks for sharing a little bit of it (and yourself) with us.” – Jennifer Cheatham

“I absolutely adored working with Mel, both in the client and photography student capacity. During our family photos with Mel, she kept our 1 year-old smiling and happy the entire time and made sure the shots of our kiddo with myself and my husband were equal. As a mom who loves to shoot, I am never in photos–it is so nice to have pictures I am IN! As a teacher Mel is incredibly organized, concise, and clear. She provided take home materials I still refer to a year later and keeps an open dialogue on Facebook for questions and encouragement. As someone who has always loved to photograph, refining my skills was necessary and completed thanks to her class. I would highly suggest Mel’s class for beginners, intermediates, and anyone willing to improve their craft. I would suggest Mel as a photographer for anyone who loves moments captured with bright colors and gorgeous light. She truly has many gifts and we’re so blessed she will share them all with us!” – Sally Mitzner

“Mel Conner’s photography class was even better than I had hoped for. I’ve read countless articles and tutorials and watched multiple youtube videos on ISO, aperture an shutter speed. None of that information had ever sunk in with me until I heard Mel explain it so clearly in her class. Now, I finally have confidence in using my DSLR!”  – Kimberly Kadlubar

“Best $ I’ve spent in a LONG time! I learned more in 2.5 hours than I ever thought I could. Everything was easy to understand, well explained and applicable. I only wish I would have taken this course before my daughter was born!”  – Cori Higgins

“I would highly recommend taking Mel Conner’s photography class. Though I had read my DSLR manual several times through, Mel is the one who helped me truly grasp how to use my camera to the fullest. Before her class, I was too intimidated to try to learn or use the manual mode on my camera. Now, I use nothing but the manual mode. Seriously, it has revolutionized the way I capture images on my camera! There is no comparison between the photos I took before this class and the photos I take now. Her workshop was informative, hands on, and fun!  If you are interested in learning more about your camera, you would definitely benefit from Mel’s DSLR workshop.” – Andrea Bradshaw

“Mel’s class is a fantastic, hands-on way to learn how to use your camera.  She welcomes you into her home, and makes it easy and fun to explore your camera’s manual settings.  I had been looking for a class like this to take my picture taking skills up a level, and Melanie’s patience and expertise made me feel comfortable and confident in taking great pictures!” – Erin Morgan

“This class was just what I needed. It was fun and engaging and I learned so much in just a few short hours. Thank you for enabling me to capture those precious moments of my baby and family!” – Jen Wilder

“The class was a great investment.  For the minimal cost, it saved me hours of reading my manual or watching YouTube videos.  Mel gives you the guiding principles you need to know to shoot on manual mode and get the best quality photos you can out of your camera.  So thankful I took this class right after purchasing my DSLR.” – Ali Smith

“It was really encouraging learning in a small group setting. I felt comfortable asking what I felt might be “dumb” questions. I learned several important functions of the DSLR and how to apply them. I’m able to get to the image or exposure I want so much faster now than before just helplessly pushing buttons and changing settings. Also being a part of the workshop Facebook group is great. I’m hoping for a refresher or Part 2 workshop in the future!”  – Malia Watlington

“Absolutely love this class! I have taken classes before but I have always walked away more confused and overwhelmed than before. Mel is able to explain things in a way that empowers you to take your camera off of automatic!! And the practice session included in the class is extremely helpful. Highly recommend this class!” – Lynette Sobers

“After many attempts at reading manuals, blogs, & Nikon for Dummies books, this class was the perfect combination of instruction + immediate application of what we learned & helped everything really click for me. I left feeling much more confident & inspired to take LOTS of photos in different lighting to practice— highly recommend this class, lots of learning packed into just a few hours!”  – Lauren Spring